What is the World Wide Web?

  • Tipo: risorsa per la scuola.
  • Descrizione: The World Wide Web is used every day by millions of people for everything from checking the weather to sharing cat videos. But what is it exactly? Twila Camp describes this interconnected information system as a virtual city that everyone owns and explains how it’s organized in a way that mimics our brain’s natural way of thinking.
  • Destinatari: studenti di inglese dai 17 anni in su.
  • Contenuti: la risorsa contiene un video di 4 minuti, otto domande di comprensione e un forum di discussione su piattaforma TED-Ed.
  • Autori: Twila Camp
  • Tagline: inglese, internet, WWW

Mosaico di Sue Edkins allo Sheen Lane Centre, Londra, per celebrare Sir Tim Berners-Lee, This is for everyone. File by Robert Smith.